Membership requirements

1. You must be a registered Republican voter residing in the precinct where you want to be a precinct committee person.

2. All candidates applying to fill a vacancy must attend a minimum of three WCREC meetings in a four (4) month period in order to be eligible. Candidates must be approved by vote of the WCREC membership at the end of the third meeting in attendance.

3. The Walton County Republican Executive Committee (WCREC) shall consist of one man and one woman residing within each precinct, each being a registered Republican residing within that precinct. However, any precinct with more than 1,000 registered voters shall have additional members in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure of the Republican Party of Florida. 

4. If a precinct committeeman or committeewoman moves from one precinct to another within Walton County and the new precinct has a vacancy, then the committeeman or committeewoman may be administratively moved to the new precinct without the requirement of an election as set forth above.

5. A WCREC member shall not be deemed a member until the candidate oath (pursuant to F.S. 99.021) has been signed and filed in the office of the Walton County Supervisor of Elections and the Republican Party loyalty oath (pursuant to Rule 9) has been filed with the Chairman of the WCREC, who shall cause the original Republican Party loyalty oath to be forwarded to the Republican Party of Florida within thirty (30) days.

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